Grohmann Kitchen Knives

Grohmann offers a Limited “Lifetime” warranty on all its products

You’ll feel the difference superior handcrafted quality makes
the first time you hold and use your Grohmann Knife

Grohmann Kitchen Wall Display at On The EdgeAnd we offer you the opportunity to hold and try each and every kitchen knife made by Grohmann when you visit our store. Our wall display offers the most extensive selection outside of the actual factory site itself.

Grohmann kitchen knives are in demand by professional Chefs all over the world. These Canadian made knives, manufactured in Pictou, Nova Scotia utilize the finest Hi-Carbon stainless steel, heat treated to a hardness of 54~56 Rockwell C. to produce a keen, easily maintained cutting edge. Handles are available in a standard Rosewood, water resistant, resin impregnated Oak or Rosewood and the dishwasher safe, hygienic black polypropylene.

Grohmann kitchen knives are available in five standard lines:-
1. Forged Rosewood
2. Xtra, Full Tang, Resin Oak or Resin Rosewood
3. Full Tang Rosewood
4. Regular 3/4 Tang Rosewood
5. Polypropylene

Grohmann Forged Knives
The forged line features a full tang steel blade with a thick bolster protecting the handle. These heavier, precisely handcrafted, well balanced knives make kitchen cutting chores effortless and pleasurable. Ease of use and pride of ownership will make each Grohmann knife a cherished possession, worthy of passing down to future generations. 

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Grohmann Xtra Full Tang
The Xtra full tang resinwood line offers the same pieces as the regular Full Tang line with the added benefit of a water resistant resin to give them a high gloss and make them dishwasher friendly. The Xtra resin Full Tang line is available with Oak or Wine coloured handles.

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Grohmann Full Tang
The Full Tang line provides the extra weight of full length steel blade extended throughout the handle for ideal balance and added strength. The handles are imported Rosewood from India and individually, manually handcrafted in their own facility. The blades, like all Grohmann kitchen knives are hardened to 54~56 Rockwell C. to maintain a keen cutting edge. 

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Grohmann Regular 3/4 Tang
Grohmann’s regular line is designed for daily kitchen use. The Regular line also features the same precisely handcrafted Rosewood handles for comfort and ease of use as well as the regular superior Hi-Carbon steel blades. Each blade honed to exact perfection to maintain a keen cutting edge.

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Grohmann Polypropylene Knives
The polypropylene Line includes all the standard cutlery plus many extra pieces for the professional chef and the homemaker who might need choppers, cleavers, or even a lobster cracker. The hygienic black Polypropylene handle will stand up to daily severe usage and also provide the extra protection of a completely sealed handle for ease of cleaning. Highly recommended for the pro meat cutter and butcher.

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