Many years ago, way back in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Ken Richardson, a professional blacksmith, began collecting old discarded cross cut saws left behind by the timber jacks in the area who were switching to chain saws. He used the steel reclaimed from these old saws along with locally shed horns of whitetail, mule deer and elk, to make custom knives for his hunting, trapping and fishermen friends. 

The word rapidly spread and 'Richardson' knives became immensely popular with outdoorsmen everywhere. As a result, the supply of old saw blades soon dried up and now their knives are mostly made from 1085 Blue Tempered Spring Steel. This material provides the springy feel of the old blades yet is resistant to chipping and easy to maintain in the field. The jewel like milling on the blade surface makes a 'Richardson' knife instantly recognizable. 

The business has grown but is still a family oriented operation. No jigs or patterns are used so each knife is completely handmade. The carving in the handles and the scrim shaw etchings on the crowns are all free hand works of art. The 11 oz., oil soaked, cowhide sheaths are individually crafted and laced by the ladies in the family. 

The Richardson family are certain their product will satisfy you in every way. If it fails to do so, simply return it. That is their GUARANTEE.       


This view of a partial section of our Richardson wall at  On The Edge in Ingersoll 
will give you a small indication of the selection we have available. We have them with and without handle engravings and/or scrim shaw etchings. We have them in sizes from 2 1/2 in. to 19 ins., from small birding knives to the largest skinner to handle the giant Canadian moose or bear. We also have double knife sets that include a large hunter and a small bird knife in a single custom made sheath.   

Here is a sample of handle carvings available. This selection features from left to right, a standing black bear, a gray wolf in midst howl, a Canada goose in flight, a bald eagle approaching touchdown and a 10 point white tail buck. There are many more variations as well as plain handles available. The enlarged picture on the right also displays the jeweled blade  milling that is a feature of all 'Richardson' knives.     d
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