There are many knife makers out there today; however, Bill Schoutese – a true artisan pours his heart, soul, and spirit into each individual creation. He does not only sell knives, but designs unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Each project is all about the customer.  Bill will offer his knowledge and expertise as a guide to making that ultimate knife.  Using the most traditional methods, every piece is created with pride.  Shortcuts are never an option.
The sheer number of blades, handles, pins, rivets makes for a nearly infinite combination of assemblies.


Having recently had a knife made for myself, I am going to give an outline of the process and the result.

Step one:

Choosing the right blade.

You will find that On The Edge has an awesome selection of knife blanks - of all makes and qualities. The one I ended up choosing was truly one of the finest in the world. Bill was nearly as excited as I was to show me this ZDP - 189 ultimate chefs blade.


Made from 189 powder metal die steel which achieves an astounding hardness of HRC 67. This means that the edge is able to achieve and hold a sharpness like no other. This center layer is then surrounded by layers of softer Damascus stainless steel; giving the knife stability not to mention visual apeal.

folded steel


Step Two:

Handle Material

Again the selection of materials is staggering, certainly not all types go with all blades and this is where you can us your personal judgement or, as I did, defer to Bills' advice. Layered red and black linen micarta was the decision, admitedly not much to look at in its block form but I was assured that it would be much different as a finished product.



Step Three:

Pins / Rivets

This may, at first, appear to be a somewhat unimportant detail when it comes to the overall construction of the knife. But, I can assure you that making the right choice here will give the knife an overall style that can't really be described until you see the finished product. Looking over several options we settled on mosaic pins.


These pins are available in many different designs and styles - definitly an added touch to the finished product.


Step Four:

Time for Bill to get to work.


All I can really say is he will do a good job, whatever it takes until it's done right. As he says "I don't make junk"


The result!



As you can see, the end result is something truly spectacular and is of course a 'one of a kind' that will last a life time.

And with all knives made by Bill you get a lifetime of free sharpening!

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