World class knife blade
Now you can make your own highly personalized version of our most sought-after models. Since the tang of the blade follows the handle contours of the original model, these blades are extra strong and stable. 

The blade and finger guard are completely finished.  All you need to do is supply your own fine wood (or why not horn, bone or any other attractive material - let your imagination run free!), buy some threaded rivets and a short piece of pipe (all available from knife makers and accessory firms).  You can then build your own unique creation!

If you do not wish to make your own sheath, one can be purchased separately, and will fit well as long as the new handle resembles the original shape. It is great fun to make your own knife, and the knowledge that you will be using just about the best edge steel available (VG10 or Laminated VG10) will inspire you to spare no effort to achieve a superbly attractive yet useful knife with your own personal touch. 

Products: Steel type: Total length: Weight:
BWM1 VG10 172 mm   80 g
BF1 Lam. VG10 213 mm 160 g
BH1 Lam. VG10 212 mm 180 g
BS1 Lam. VG10 246 mm 200 g
BA1 Lam. VG10 279 mm 300 g

Steel analysis:

VG10 (edge)

C - 1.00

Si - 0.60

Mn - 0.50

P - 0.030

Cr - 15.00

Mo - 1.05

Co - 1.40

V - 0.20