Naturally, folding knives are not quite as strong as sheath knives, and are more expensive to manufacture since they contain several moving parts. Nevertheless, many prefer a folding knife, mostly because of the handy format and its considerably more discreet qualities, especially attractive in an urban environment. FH9 is in fact a folding knife for hunting, but we think that more user categories will like its slim design and natural function. The blade is locked using a distinct front lock and the rigid clip clasps the knife to the pocket lining.

OK - we admit that this mother-of-pearl handled beauty isn’t the classic paint tin opener. Nevertheless, we hope that those who invest in this most beautiful folding knife will treat themselves to the luxury of using it day-to-day, because it is a utility knife, albeit an exclusive one. The blade in stainless laminate powder steel keeps an edge well, and the whole knife feels robust and well-made. The thrill of the exceptionally lovely mother-of-pearl mosaic will be difficult to get over!

A folding knife of necessity can never be as strong as a sheath knife, since it contains several moving parts. A folding knife is a precision instrument, which should be treated with respect and thought. If a folding knife is subjected to heavy use, it will inevitably result in a skewed blade with unreliable blade locking, and no guarantees cover this. A modern folding knife should be cleaned regularly with warm water and a mild detergent. Oil and fat should as far as possible be avoided, since today's knives have self-lubricating bearings. Fat and similar substances attract dust and dirt and increase wear rather than reducing it. The simplest way to sharpen the knife is with a fine diamond whetstone, and to obtain that final razor sharpness, use a ceramic whetstone, see our DC3 and DC4 combination whetstones.

We offer a two-year warranty covering defects in materials and in manufacture, i.e. faults that occur during manufacture but which are not noticed until the knife is used. We repair or replace the knife. The warranty is void if the knife is used incorrectly – the knife is intended for cutting with and is not for twisting, bending, chopping or hitting. Discolouring caused by blood, salt-water, or other corrosive substances is not covered by the warranty, neither is a broken tip. The warranty does not include the sheath.

FH9 FH9mop

Total length:

158 mm (6.22 inches) 158 mm (6.22 inches)

Blade length:

67 mm (2.63 inches) 67 mm (2.63 inches)

Blade thickness:

3 mm (.11 inches) 3 mm (.11 inches)
Weight: 91 g (3.2 oz) 91 g (3.2 oz)


3G 3G


62 HRC 62 HRC

Handle material:

Maroon Micarta Mother of Pearl
Locking: Lockback Lockback


Steel analysis

SGPS (edge)

C - 1.40

Si - 0.50

Mn - 0.40

P - 0.030

Cr - 15.00

Mo - 2.80

S - 0.030

V - 2.00