G1 Garm Fighter

The Model G1 is a modern double-edged fighting knife for military requirements. Despite its small size, it is the strongest model in its class. G1 is the only mass-produced fighter with a blade made of the famous VG10 stainless steel, making the blade very strong with exceptional edge holding ability. The blade is covered with black CeraCoat 8H to eliminate reflections and corrosion, while the symmetric Thermorun rubber handle insures the best possible grip. 

The G1 knife is NOT meant for throwing - a double-edged tip is extremely sharp but is not as tough as a standard single-edged tip. Garm was the name of the dog that watched the gates to hell in Old Norse mythology. We believe this Garm will be just as tough!

Zytel sheath
The new injection molded zytel sheath offers a neat, safe and strong combination of qualities which should be very attractive to any user. The zytel sheath provides safe carry with full access to the knife. It can be worn around the neck or fastened on a belt.



Total length:

7.5" (190 mm)

Blade length:

3.54" (90 mm)

Weight (knife): 100 g

Blade thickness:

0.18" (4,5 mm)



Blade hardness:

59 HRC



Blade surface:

CeraCoat 8H

Sheath: Zytel®


Steel analysis:


C - 1.00

Si - 0.60

Mn - 0.50

P - 0.030

Cr - 15.00

Mo - 1.05

Co - 1.40

V - 0.20