A lot has happened behind the scenes around this folding knife, but the aim has been the same from the word go - to produce a folding knife with a sensible size and attractive design. Since we have sold other manufacturers’ folding knives for twenty years, we wanted to use that experience and make a knife that was practical, attractive and reliable.

The P folder was born.

The P folder is easy to clean since the back of the handle is open. The standard mod. P has a blade in solid VG10 with black micarta scales. We also offer a few luxurious models with a blade in laminate powder steel (3G) and handle in cocobolo, ocean blue, or ochre yellow, smooth bone from free range, Highland cattle. All models come with a black Cordura sheath, which attaches to the belt.

A folding knife can never be as strong as a sheath knife, and since it is the result of several hundred different work operations, it must of course be more expensive to manufacture. On the other hand it is in a handy format and acceptable in many situations, and finally - it is a really fun edged tool that primarily boys, down the ages - and of all ages! - have loved to play with.

Inspired by the world-famous knifemaker R.W. Loveless, mod. P is a symbiosis between advanced technology, genuine handicraft and timeless design - a knife for modern people.

In some countries it's illegal to carry fastopening folders in public places, folders with holes or thumbstuds on the blade are forbidden. For that reason we're offering the modell P and P3G with traditional nail notches on both sides of the blade.

P/3G P/3Gb

Length folded:

103 mm (4") 103 mm (4") 103 mm (4")

Blade length:

77 mm (3") 77 mm (3") 77 mm (3")

Blade thickness:

3 mm (0.12") 3 mm (0.12") 3 mm (0.12")


VG10 3G 3G


59 HRC 62 HRC 62 HRC

Handle material:

420J2 & black micarta 420J2 & Cocobolo 420J2 & Blue/yellow bone
Locking: Liner action Liner action Liner action
Belt pouch: Black cordura Black cordura Black cordura

Steel analysis:


C - 1.00

Si - 0.60

Mn - 0.50

P - 0.030

Cr - 15.00

Mo - 1.05

Co - 1.40

V - 0.20

Steel analysis:

SGPS (edge)

C - 1.40

Si - 0.50

Mn - 0.40

P - 0.030

Cr - 15.00

Mo - 2.80

S - 0.030

V - 2.00