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Info At On The Edge

The modest front of our retail store does not begin to hint at the extensive selection of top quality knives we have on display inside. We have many thousands of knives from various manufacturers and fabricators. See the links below for detailed information from some of our main distributors. From the Canadian made, superior quality kitchen and outdoor knives of Grohmann Knives, to the very best in the world. George Robert/ Bandit yukon. Handmade Damascus blades. It Has taken in excess of 10 years to produce the display in our store. Of Bandits knives we have the largest selection of the best knives on the planet in our showroom for sale. We also have many other collectable folding and pocket knives of W.R.Case & Sons and the infinitely variable handmade frontier knives of the Richardson Family, from deep in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, we pride ourselves on being able to fit you with a knife to suit your own individual needs.

In our miscellaneous section, you’ll find samples of most of the better known brands of knives. There, you’ll also find a multitude of lesser priced economy pocket, hunting and display knives.


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Grohmann Knives

These Canadian Knives, handmade in Pictou, Nova Scotia, come with a limited lifetime warranty. At GROHMANN Knives Ltd., the making of knives is considered an art as well as a trade. The 53 steps required to produce a knife is a matter of pride and family tradition. In recent years, five lines of superlative kitchen knives have been added to their award winning outdoor designs

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A true family run firm, with their roots deep in the soil of Norrbotten, Sweden. They have been hunters and fishermen for decades and know from personal experience how a knife should be. The firm started operations in 1984 and today is acknowledged as one of Sweden's foremost knife specialists. They began to develop their own knives in 1987 and today this is our principal activity at Fällkniven AB.

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In Karesuando, we create handicraft products which are adapted to the harsh Arctic climate, with the crackling northern lights and shining midnight sun. We are making genuine products shaped by nature's raw materials and ancient crafting traditions.

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Mundial Cutlery

Mundial® has been a leading worldwide manufacturer of fine cutlery for both professional and home chefs since its founding in 1931 by Paul Zivi. This noted metallurgist, along with his team of skilled engineers and designers, developed the most sophisticated techniques for designing and manufacturing high quality cutlery.

All Knives and Scissors available.

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An excellent selection of unique outdoor knives with a design to satisfy every hunter and fisherman’s need. Each original knife, freehand made using 1085  Blue Tempered Spring Steel, with handles of harvested drop-off antlers of local deer, moose and elk. This family business has operated for many years out of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.

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The expert craftsmanship found in each Case knife, combined with quality materials make these knives trustworthy companions on the range, in the field, or by the stream. With over 100 years of history, many Case knives have become highly prized collectables. We stock many individual knives as well as complete collectable sets, presented in oak, glassed display cases.

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Miscellaneous Knives
We carry thousands of knives in a price range to suit every budget and meet every need. Browse through our selection and if you don’t see what you want, ask us and we will get it for you, if possible.

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George Roberts Bandit Blades
Knives handcrafted by George Roberts the 'Bandit Yukon'.
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