Our present inventory of thousands of swords includes a selection of military, 1st and 2nd World Wars, antique, fantasy, medieval as well as many collector swords and  items suitable for wall displays and practical use.

Also Paul Chen's full line of real swords.

We now have the largest selection of swords available in Canada, on site for your viewing and handling pleasure.  

We also buy sell and trade bayonets, machetes and military daggers from many of the nations involved in wars as far back as the 1800's.

Watch this page as we continue to add details of our current stock and also for new arrivals.

You are welcome to drop in and visit us at anytime to look over our selection and handle our swords in person. If our open hours are inconvenient for you, please call and we will arrange a private showing at a mutually agreeable time.



We will purchase your high quality sword collections.
Please no flea market junk.     


Katana's Paul Chen Hanwei

We stock a large quantity of Katana swords in many colours and variations. All of them are available as a single piece, many of them as a two piece set and some 3 piece sets. Some with stands, some without stands.

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Cas-Iberia, Cas Hanwei and Paul Chen's Hanwei

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Wall Hangers
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Our Samurai replicas
are some of the most 
beautiful swords you
have ever seen, but
if your interests lie in 
the real thing, we have got them in stock,
authentic Samurai
swords for you.

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Oriental Armour
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We have swords for all the
knights of the round table.
Either to win the fair maiden 
or defeat the fire breathing
dragon trying to cross the
moat or maybe just to hang
on your wall and fantasize
about what might have been.

Full line of Paul Chen's museum replica's, in stock of course.

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We have a selection of fine military 
swords for display or for re-enactment 
scenarios. Perhaps a nice US Marine
officers cutlass would look good on
your wall or a  sabre  with a nicely 
decorated basket grip suitable
for leading the band. Contact us for 
prices and availability. We can obtain
nearly anything you want or need.

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Genuine Military Swords, Bayonets & Knives
dating back to the late 1700's

Different items coming and going all the time.
We buy and sell antique collections.
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For detailed information and/or prices, go to our contact page or call
(519) 485-7370

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