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Renaissance Wax was originally developed in association with the British Museum for restoration and protection of art treasures, and is a superb micro-crystalline polish ideal for use in the shop. Renaissance Wax is our all-time favorite coating for reducing friction, preventing rust and corrosion, and putting a shine on anything that needs it. Though it seems fabulously expensive, Renaissance Wax lasts so long and works so well that even the most frugal woodworker will find it a genuine value. It is an excellent polishing agent for any wood or metal surface, leaving an extremely hard, thin coating of astonishing durability with excellent resistance to water, alcohol and fingerprints. Used on furniture, Renaissance Wax will be the toughest wax you've ever used. In fact, it's the only wax we know of that's likely to be as durable as the finish underneath, resisting staining and marring in any household or office setting.

For over forty years, RENAISSANCE WAX-POLISH has been the #1 choice of museums, art galleries and institutions for the preservation of precious items. Professional conservators, retailers, restorers and private individuals throughout the world depend on RENAISSANCE WAX to protect their collections and for in home use.

Polishes and Protects:
Guard your precious pieces against the damaging effects of humidity, heat, dust, environmental destruction, aging and ordinary wear.
RENAISSANCE WAX provides a barrier against fingerprints and the devastation of water, wine, alcohol and other spills. With its high moisture resistance, it forms a durable, lustrous protective coating. Prevents tarnish, corrosion and "bloom;" remains completely waterproof; retards weathering on exteriors and objects exposed to climatic abrasion.

A Little Goes A Long Way
And Lasts A Long Time Excellent spread and indefinite shelf life make RENAISSANCE WAX economical and convenient, even for very large objects and infrequent use. A small dab goes a long way, unlike most waxes that need generous application. Use a minimal amount of RENAISSANCE WAX, rub lightly, and buff if a gloss is desired. The long-lasting preservation reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Airtight container keeps wax in perfect condition; always spreadable, no caking or drying out; indefinite shelf life; no "polish smell;" no added fragrance to endanger substrate material.

Cleans Beautifully:
Lift oil, dirt and the murky accretions of other polishes. The surface detail remains crystal clear through unlimited applications of this translucent wax; removes previous wax build-up; reveals fine detail & wood grain; non-staining, non-abrasive.

Restores and Enhances:
Revitalize and return your objects to pristine condition. RENAISSANCE WAX buffs easily to a hard, transparent finish that will not discolor; Renews fading colors and "tired finishes;" retains matte finish when unpolished; buffs to a high gloss; reduces shine of new picture varnish.

For Use On:
Furniture, Antique & New Sculpture, Porcelain, Pottery & Ceramics; Cutlery Knives, Swords, Armor; Jewelry, Carvings, Antiquities, Bibelots, Hardware, Wood Interiors, Fine Books, Clocks, Paintings, Oils, Acrylics, Gouaches, Tempera, Alkyds, Pastels, Oil Sticks, Martins Dyes, India Inks, Photographic Prints, Carvings, Engraving, Scrimshaw, Architectural Ornaments, PLUS; Automobiles, Boats and Yachts, Decoys, Golf Clubs, Firearms, Frames, Kitchen Cabinets, Counters, Appliances, and much more!

We carry Renaissance Wax in the following sizes

3-litre can
Aimed at the trade user/finisher, this size contains 15 of the 200ml size cans in wax volume, at a much more cost-effective price for large-scale usage.

200ml size can
The standard size can is aimed at the general market / for use in the home.

65ml size can
Trial or 'gift' size - an exact miniature replica of the 200ml can aimed at the craftsman who wants to give a gift to the customer of commissioned work as an after-sales service.

 We carry all three sizes in stock at all times

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